+Found axes swapped. +Found Y to be inverted.

Posted in General by Rudy De Volder Sun May 31 2015 19:37:08 GMT+0000 (UTC)·2·Viewed 142 times

At the first time with the original firmware I did 'stest' and calibration, everything seemed ok. But at my first testprint he asked for a recent firmware, so I did. But now I got this problem when calibrating. I tried to swap the switches for YMax for XMin But the problem remains. Kind regards, Rudy
Ariel Briner
June 2, 2015

Hey Rudy, would you mind submitting a support ticket here and including a screenshot of the problem you're experiencing:




Rudy De Volder
June 3, 2015

Problem solved by myself. The sensors were indeed swapped. But somehow the original firmware solved this at calibrating while the new one gave an error message. I swapped XMin & XMax I think after measuring out the switches with a multimeter and everything is working now.

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